SEASON 1 | 04


This documentary opens a discussion about performance in contemporary art and the issues raised by this artistic practice: What is performance? What are your relationships with other fields of contemporary art? The documentary presents a wide panorama of Brazilian performance interviewing several artists which artworks bring different understandings about this practice. 

We point out the use of the body, the relationship with the audience, the presence of actors in performance works, the ephemerality, the temporal elements, the records of an action in performance, among others subjects.

Performance is a vast and open field without predefined forms or strict norms characterized by the unforeseen and uncertainties of existence. This artistic expression goes beyond any concept that comes to define it. The diversity allows several artists using that language in their works, even who do not identify themselves as performers. Therefore, we approach artworks that are very different from one another, such a variety, makes this practice in constant reinvention and expansion.



Title: PERFORMANCE | Genre: Documentary | Runtime: 26min | Director and Writer: Rosa Melo | Host: Cabelo | Director of photography: Pablo Nóbrega | Story editor: Andre Sampaio | Production Companies:  Rosa Melo Produções Artísticas Ltda and Hy Brazil Filmes | Co-Production: AC Produções Ltda and EBC/TV BRASIL | Funding by  Funcultura Audiovisual Governo do Estado de Pernambuco

Interview with: Carlos Mélo, Daniela Labra, FranklinCassaro, Juliana Notari, Laura Lima, Luisa Duarte, MC Fininho, Paulo Bruscky, Rodrigo Braga, Solon Ribeiro, Tunga, Yuri Firmeza e Corpos Informáticos (Beatriz Medeiros, Bárbara Lopes, Diego Azambuja, João Victor, João Wesley, Maria Eugênia Matricardi, Mariana Ramos and Natasha de Azevedo). Special guest: Jorge Mautner

Guest directors: Lourival Cuquinha and Yuri Firmeza 
Assistant director and editor: Gabriel Bogossian 
Content collaborators: Cabelo, Daniela Labra and Luisa Duarte 
Screenwriters: Rosa Melo, Roberta Canuto and Gabriel Bogossian 
Images research: Bárbara Morais and Gabriel Bogossian 
Content producer: Paula Teixeira and Sofia Paciullo

Music: Chelpa Ferro, Cabelo, Negro Leo, Catarina Dee Jah, Thelmo Cristovam 

Boom operators: Guga Rocha (PE), Davi Paes (PA, SP and RJ), Moabe Filho (PE and PB), Alexandre Kubrusly (RJ), Julio Braga (RJ), Breno Furtado (CE), Victor Valentim (DF) and Fabiano Rodrigues (RJ)

Camera operators: Camila Marquez, Rosa Melo, Rodrigo Savastano, Lourival Cuquinha, Adalberto Oliveira, Lia Letícia, Wagner Novais, Marcelo Melo and Louise Botkay

Assistant camera and logger: Flávio Gusmão (PE and PB), Sofia Paciullo (RJ and SP), Luciana Magno (CE), Rafael Cabral (PE) and Christian Braga (PA)

Executive producer: Rosa Melo Produções Artísticas Ltda 
Production (PE): Adah Lisboa
Production (RJ): Bebel Kastrup and Leonardo Pirovano 
Production assistant: Paula Teixeira
Administrative coordination: AC Produções Ltda and Angela Alves

Post-production supervisor: Inti Annie 
Colorist: Pablo Nóbrega 
Color timer: dubColor
Production sound mixer: Ricardo Mansur
Assistant editor: Barbara Morais

Graphic design: Zoludesign - Luciana Calheiros and Aurélio Velho 
On-set dresser (host): Marta Rodrigues
Press officer: Tatiana Diniz

Theme Music by Chelpa Ferro
Opening sequence by Lia Letícia (in collaboration with Fernando Peres)
Font OTA/BANANA produced by Calois Amorim