BRASIL VISUAL is a documentary series about the universe of the Brazilian visual arts, which presents to the audiences - in accessible and dynamic language - the contemporary art from voices of different generations, covering a diverse artistic expressions from the north to the south of the country.

Concepted and directed by the producer Rosa Melo, from Pernambuco, the first season consists of 08 episodes of 26 minutes each, displayed by TV Brasil and Canal Curtas, throughout the national territory.

A fictional character gives unity to the series. He is CABELO, multimedia artist who is the host chatting with the interviewed, also the narrative voice of documentary series giving us lively interactions over testimonials, visual and performance interventions, visits to ateliers or wherever there is art being produced. The multimedia artist CABELO gets together the knowledge with the subject to the domain and intimacy with the language of the video, contributing for spontaneous tone over the series. 

The documentaries series focus on the artwork from different generations from analyzes and testimonies of curators, critics, researchers, involved in the topic addressed. The portrait of these generations reveal the tools available of artists, the means of dissemination and distribution of their works. Some are special and historical addressing significant themes for the trajectory of the Brazilian visual arts. They are: Political Art; Mail Art; Man, Art and Environment; Performance; Urban Art Intervention; The Crafts in Contemporary Art Production; Video Art; Hybrid Forms of Video Art.

BRASIL VISUAL is the first Brazilian TV series to be shown in a public broadcast dedicated exclusively to the theme. The documentary is aware of the region's production and exchange throughout the country. With a contemporary and educational sense, the series uses attractive graphic resources and texts proposing relevant themes, formats and contents presented in order to contribute with culture, education, training and information.

In 2016 it was the only Brazilian TV series nominated for the Premios TAL for the BEST DOCUMENTARY SERIES. TAL is an awards ceremony for the best productions of the Public and Cultural Televisions of Latin America. 

The first season of the BRASIL VISUAL series was a production by Rosa Melo Produções in partnership with Hy Brazil Filmes, co-produced by AC Produções Ltda and TV Brasil/EBC, funding by the Governo do Estado de Pernambuco (Government of the State of Pernambuco) through the 5th Edital de Incentivo ao Audiovisual de Pernambuco/Funcultura (Audiovisual Incentive Of Pernambuco). The production of the pilot of the series and the development of the project were possible by the Edital Rede Nacional Funarte de Artes Visuais (National Funarte Network of Visual Arts) of the Ministry of Culture.


To evaluate the thematic range of the episodes, it is necessary to remember that the "Plastic Arts", as as we known until recently, have gained a new dimension and have come to be known as Visual Arts. Embracing all forms of artistic expression centering the visual aspects produced by any medium, objects, or actions. From this point of view, the visual arts are present in all dimensions of our existence: objects, walls, streets, architectural spaces, establishing permanent connection between us and the urban, political and social environment. It is no longer just a physical object, it also involves an unlimited universe and related  from painting to canvas to a virtual aesthetic.

If you desire to express yourself artistically, look around to realize the possibilities, mechanisms, and means of realizing this, because the expression is increasingly at hand and gaining space in new ways of interacting with the world.

The contemporary artist has become free to experiment broad platforms revealing his own unique artwork. On the public side, just observe to realize that art is not only in galleries and museums. It  is over the streets, computer screens or cell phones, even in the body itself.

But we have a paradox: in one hand the Brazilian artistic production increases extraordinarily, on the hand the exchange is precarious between artists and public of different regions. An old dilemma of the country of continental dimensions. For example, not always the work of an artist from Roraima (in the north) reaches out in Pernambuco (in the northeast) or in Rio de Janeiro. And vice versa. There is much to be shown, exchange and to debate. 

TV is the most effective medium in Brazil, so it is important to provide information for the area of culture and education, since it is an instrument that connects and presents the country in all its complexity. This can boost the formation of new audiences to teach, entertain and safeguard the national memory.

We want to show that contemporary art can have a broad and diverse audience. BRASIL VISUAL has this goal in the visual arts fields. We understand that this subject is wide and the country's production is extensive, so there is much to show and discuss!