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In this documentary, we investigate the experiences and archives of some Brazilian artists that are part of the Mail Art movement. A diverse narrative, with several probable beginnings and local contexts that they make impossible any absolute approach.

The best statement that define the Mail Art is:  YOUR MAILBOX IS MY GALLERY. It was proposed by the German artist Robert Rehfeldt who attests to the generosity involved in the modus operandi of the movement that consists in appropriating the common exchange common to all. However, this statement also testifies the distance that such movement had from the official exhibition spaces, especially the apex during the 1970s consolidating a marginal role crossed by clashes, noises and intentions (from Rodrigo Almeida's blog).

The first manifestations in Latin America happened in the 60s and 70s. But just recently Mail Art was recognized in the visual art scene where critics, researchers, collectors and cultural institutions seek to redo or acquire this production, once they have passed unnoticed in the 1970s.

For the artists of this movement, the internet was a logical consequence. Since they were working their own envelopes, contents and making stamps - to ensure greater agility, the movement was also using new technologies such as: aerograms, telegrams, telex, fax (which the real-time transmission addressed the dematerialization/rematerialisation of the of art piece).

The Mail Art Courier asks for passage showing that the world is a network and the medium and  message can build an art with poetic and collective soul. More than 40 years ago, the network spirit was already the catalytic power of Mail Art - at last, collectivity is the proof of a time ruled by the crowd!



Title: MAIL ART | Genre: Documentary | Runtime: 26min | Director: Rosa Melo and Anna Azevedo | Host: Cabelo | Director of photography: Pablo Nóbrega | Story editor: Rodrigo Savastano | Production Companies: Rosa Melo Produções Ltda and Hy Brazil Filmes |  Co-Production: AC Produções Ltda and EBC/TV BRASIL | Funding by  Funcultura Audiovisual Governo do Estado de Pernambuco

Interview with: Bené Fonteles, Cristiana Tejo, Daniel Santiago, Domingos Sávio Carteiro, Elidete Alencar, Falves Silva, Jota Medeiros, Paulo Bruscky, Ricardo Brasileiro, Simone Michelin, Teresa Poester, Teodora Alves, Vera Barcellos

Content collaborators: Paulo Brusky, Cristiana Tejo, Sanzia Pinheiro, Dyógenes Chaves, Unhandejara Lisboa and Guaraci Gabriel
Content research: Lia Letícia, Sanzia Pinheiro and Gabriel Bogossian

Music: Jards Macalé, Ave Sangria, Negro Leo

Boom operators: Guga Rocha, Fernando Efron, Alexandre Kubrusly and Julio Braga 
Assistant camera and logger: Flávio Gusmão

Post-production supervisor: Inti Annie
Color timer: dubColor 
Colorist: Pablo Nóbrega 
Production sound mixer: Ricardo Mansur
Assistant editor/Images research: Bárbara Morais 

Executive producer: Rosa Melo Produções Artísticas Ltda
Production (PE): Adah Lisboa
Administrative coordination: AC Produções Ltda and Angela Alves
Assistant producer: Adah Lisboa
Art production: Daniela Brilhante and Isabela Stampanoni 

Graphic design: Zoludesign - Luciana Calheiros and Aurélio Velho 
On-set dresser (host): Marta Rodrigues (host) and Carol Azevedo
Make-up artists: Carol Azevedo 
Press officer: Eduardo Souza Lima and Tatiana Diniz

Theme Music by Chelpa Ferro
Opening sequence by Lia Letícia (in collaboration with Fernando Peres)
Font OTA/BANANA produced by Calois Amorim

Supported by Art and Cultural Center of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. 
Thanks to all the artists who made their Mail Art collections available.